The Fire Does Not Come From the Mind

Season Two

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Season Two Preview

Survival! That’s all there is now.

Episode 26: Forgotten

Princess Kirti and the Oorn discover a ruinous city
where the stars have descended from the sky.

Episode 27: Tomb

Princess Kirti battles Mtilan in the tomb of Soterios.
Pekra awakens a mysterious, comatose figure inside the tomb.

Episode 28: Undying

Pekra succumbs to an Otice spell, attacks his friends,
and is later swarmed by ravenous underwater creatures.

Episode 29: Promises

The mortally wounded Soterios reveals a great secret.

Episode 30: Anguish

King Baalath confronts the Unborn King in the tower of Hirambim.
Pekra and the Nezân enter the Valley of Sorrow.

Episode 31: Ash

Prince Dúme and Captain Belesys secretly
follow Mtilan and infiltrate his hidden lair.

Episode 32: Forge

Prince Dúme and Captain Belesys investigate the forge of Mtilan
and uncover his duplicitous covenant with their enemy.

Episode 33: All-Times

Memories of the past and visions of the future.
Pekra, Rashidi, and Dalila fall into a nest of tyrn and fight for their lives.

Episode 34: Spectre

A battle-worn Princess Kirti and the dwindling Oorn
confront their enemy within sight of the Mound.

Episode 35: Madness

Fool leads Pekra and Kirti into a secret passage
and up a hidden stair inside the Mound.

Episode 36: Killing

Binding bands are discarded, and the Rtari insurrection begins.

Episode 37: Burdens

Dúme orders Galleon to kill Calais.
Galleon recalls the death of his wife.

Episode 38: Obsession

In the ancient past, King Baalath conquers the Unborn King,
but the resulting revelation fills him with despair.

Episode 39: Legion

Fool asks Pekra for forgiveness one last time. Mtilan summons
his army down into the crater. Legion surrounds the cottonwood.

Episode 40: Fire

The prophecy of the seven tongues of fire is fulfilled.

Episode 41: Hope

Pekra decides the fate of the cottonwood. Micah hopes
to heal his wound in the mysterious presence of the Mound.

Episode 42: Stranger

Pekra discovers a stranger reflected in the water
of the river Kade. The final episode.

The End.

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