The Fire Does Not Come From the Mind

Season One

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Had any of it been real?
Or is it just a faded story as the common man says?

Episode 1: Misfire

The Pilot Micah and his son Moroth crash on a mysterious
island rumored to be Naosaleyn, the cradle of life.

Episode 2: Chains

Episode 3: Everlasting

During the second war against Legion, Fa-Sekra befriends an Adekos,
a knight of no worth, who gives him a mysterious crystal shard for safekeeping.

Episode 4: Princess

Princess Kirti arrives at the citadel, the first Gaewyn promised
to marry a Humân. Each side is unaware of the other’s hidden agenda.

Episode 5: Assassins

Assassins are revealed on both sides, Humân and Gaewyn alike,
as forces conspire to prevent the wedding of Prince Sújin and Princess Kirti.

Episode 6: Slavayeth

In the ancient past, Prince Baalath and his wife Princess Sarai
set out across the Eloth wastes to establish their own kingdom.

Episode 7: War

During dinner with Resa and her children, Mushin relates the Battle
of Windgate, where Legion and Mtilan fought Prince Sújin and his men.

Episode 8: Poison

Poisoning his brother Prince Sújin, Prince Dúme
sets in motion his plan for domination.

Episode 9: Labasu

A clockwork demon attacks Resa’s home in search of the crystal shard.

Episode 10: Volitation

The burial of Princess Kirti does not go as planned.

Episode 11: Remnant

Micah and Moroth salvage the remnant of Zaanan
from the ship’s wreckage on the shore of Naosaleyn.

Episode 12: Painters

Princess Kirti finds Mtilan’s sword Shedu
embedded in the chest of Prince Sújin.

Episode 13: Murder

Prince Dúme offers Micah a stay of execution
in exchange for the murder of Tghon.

Episode 14: Taboo

A dangerous snowstorm traps Princess Kirti on the Kui mountain range,
where she is quickly surrounded by the threatening Oorn.

Episode 15: Myth

Pekra and Lely fight Fool. Moroth confronts Zaanan’s cook.
Prince Dúme bows to another.

Episode 16: Sacrifice

The Oorn plead with Princess Kirti to save their dwindling numbers
as she makes a startling discovery about the means of her survival.

Episode 17: Fallen

In the ancient past, the Sons of Salathiel seek to forge
weapons from the fallen star Triabsal.

Episode 18: Afflicted

As the Oorn suffer their first casualty, they debate if killing
Princess Kirti’s duende would indeed satiate her thirst for vengeance.

Episode 19: Engine

Pekra, Lely, and Calais marvel at the machinery of the city of Perew,
and Fool wonders what colossal project the Nezân are building.

Episode 20: Telat

Pekra, Lely, and Calais are escorted into the enormous tree known as Telat.
The Nezân assemble to argue a course against Legion.

Episode 21: Blasphemy

Daring blasphemy, Lady Thao counsels locating the Mound before
Legion and claiming the power of the cottonwood tree for the Nezân.

Episode 22: Sefirot

Pekra tells the gathering inside Telat the story about the seven
Sefirot that he wrote for his father, Fa-Sekra.

Episode 23: Sibylla

Pekra is brought before the great Nezân Sibylla named Alon,
but she has not spoken to anyone in hundreds of years.

Episode 24: Deluge

Fool disappears from the Nezân company just before it’s
threatened by a flash flood and an hemoo stampede.

Episode 25: Requiem

Pekra battles a bull hemoo, drinks its blood,
and has a mysterious fever-dream.

End of Season One.

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