The Fire Does Not Come From the Mind

Written and Produced by William J. Meyer
Read by Steve Rudolph
Music by William Seegers

Deep in a hidden kingdom,

Mtilan the Unborn King pledges his life to Legion,
the fallen spirit from beyond the veil of time.

Learning dark and forbidden magic, the new sorcerer gains
both immortality and incredible power— but loses his soul.

Over a millennium later, siblings Pekra and Lely reluctantly
journey with their father’s killer across their island of peril to
defend a mythical cottonwood tree, the first child of their god,
from both Mtilan and his itinerant Master.

But the brave siblings are children of the deer-folk
known as the Gaewyn, a persecuted people unaware
mainlanders have crashed on their island, bringing those
who would enslave them a new, deadly technology— the gun.




Had any of it been real?
Or is it just a faded story as the common man says?

Episode 1: Misfire

The Pilot Micah and his son Moroth crash on a mysterious
island rumored to be Naosaleyn, the cradle of life.

Season One   •   Season Two

The Island

Is Naosaleyn the cradle of all life?

Follow the journey across the island as you listen!

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Map of Naosaleyn



William J. Meyer
Written and Produced by

William J. Meyer

William writes audio fiction, novels, screenplays, and plays about psychological trauma, spiritual crisis, misplaced guilt, religious terror, environmental madness— And cosmic chaos! Sometimes robots.

He’s from Wisconsin but now lives in Los Angeles. He misses the snow but not the cold.

You can listen to William's short stories on the audio fiction podcast Strange/Love

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Steve Rudolph
Read by

Steve Rudolph

Steve is a vocal performer living in Madison, WI and has appeared in commercials, video games, and educational media.

Watch the video “Meet the Reader” below to learn about Steve's favorite genre authors, his history in radio, and his unorthodox appearance in Clint Eastwood's directorial debut, Play Misty For Me (1971).

If Steve could be one species from Fire on the Mound, he would choose to be an Oorn.

William Seegers
Music by

William Seegers

Will grew up in Houston, Texas and considered band and orchestra his home. After participating in and leading several ensembles throughout school, it came as no surprise when he attended Berklee College of Music.

Watch the video “Meet the Composer” below to learn more about Will's process including his influences, his favorite Fire on the Mound cue, and what he thinks Holly Golightly has in common with the villainous Prince Dúme!

You can hear more of Will's music
on his website


And Worms Do Not Destroy

Steve Rudolph is back to narrate a new
stand-alone adventure on the island of Naosaleyn.

And joining him this time are the vocal talents of
Cary Michael Ayers, A.J. Beckles, Julia Eve, Sarah Golding,
Karim Kronfli, Owen McCuen, and Elizabeth Novotny.

In this mythic odyssey, a pair of barbarian brothers set off on
an arduous pilgrimage to beseech The Blessed Immortal King.

Part 1

Barbarian brothers Wedit and Yof journey north to beseech
The Blessed Immortal King but soon run afoul of a gang of thieves.

Part 2

Barbarian Wedit matches wits with the mysterious Azara
the Volpa when he refuses to pay for her otherworldly elixir.

Part 3

Barbarian brothers Wedit and Yof are taken prisoner by
The Magnate, the saurian nemesis of The Nameless Rider.

Part 4

Barbarian brothers Wedit and Yof are befuddled by The Good Lady and
her Messengers before confronting The Nameless Rider in a snow storm.

Part 5

Barbarian brothers Wedit and Yof reach the city of The Blessed
Immortal King and disrupt a festival held in his honor.

Part 6

Barbarian brothers Wedit and Yof face their destiny when
they stand before the throne of The Blessed Immortal King.

This mini-series appears on Strange/Love,
William's audio fiction anthology podcast,
featuring tales of off-beat love.
Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Macabre.

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Oorn  Mtilan  Baalath

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